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2023 Legislative Session: Weeks 10 & 11

My Bills Signed Into Law!

Several of the bills I sponsored this year have made their way through the legislative process and have been signed into law by Governor Tate Reeves. Among them is legislation to reduce government in business operations and legislation that revises definitions related to federal regulations.

Additionally, I authored and Gov. Reeves signed SB 2360, which revises the board structure of agricultural high schools to give local officials more buy-in. Agricultural schools are integral to Mississippi's culture and economy, and as an alumnus of Forrest County Agricultural High School, I will always be proud to support their unique role in our state.

Other bills include SB 2077, which deals with audits of charitable organizations, and SB 2312, which gives county officials more flexibility with public property by creating a bidding process for the sale or lease of county-owned property, ensuring taxpayers get the best possible rate of return.

I was also proud to sponsor Senate Resolution 57, which passed the Senate unanimously. This resolution commemorates the 50th Anniversary of USM Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 432 and their great service to our country.

Tax Bill Headed to Governor’s Desk

I was delighted to see the companion bill for my Full Expensing Tax Reform Act make its way to the Governor’s desk. This legislation incentivizes greater supply chain investment, job creation, wage growth, and economic well-being within our state by allowing first-year full cost recovery for business investments, reducing tax liabilities on farmers, manufacturers, small businessmen and women, and other taxpayers. I look forward to Gov. Reeves signing this legislation into law and providing tax relief for our citizens. Working across party lines, we can – and did – adopt rational tax policies that spur growth without jeopardizing our ability to meet state obligations going forward. Thanks to my Senate and House colleagues, in particular Finance Chairman Josh Harkins and Ways and Means Chairman Trey Lamar, for their partnership.

Photos of the Week

Stevee Kate Dixon and Sara Hadyn Brady, both from Hattiesburg, paged for the Senate this week. Thank you both for your help!

Connor Batson of Hattiesburg also paged for the Legislature! She did a great job, and I’m proud of her and all of our pages for their help this session!

My son, Brennan, threw the first pitch in the baseball game between Purvis and Sumrall earlier this week. The pitch was in memorial of my nephew, who passed away in December 2022.

Let Me Hear from You

Have thoughts or concerns about the legislative session or the appropriations process? I can always be reached at

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