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Legislative Session Weekly Update

Bills Going to Conference

The 2022 Legislative Session is winding down, with only a couple more weeks before we gavel out for the year. Like in most years, a large number of bills will go to a process known as "conference." When the House and Senate pass alternate versions of the same bill, the piece of legislation then goes to conference, where selected members of the House and Senate work to produce a final version of the bill. The Legislature will work this weekend to finalize certain conference reports and produce a final version of the state’s budget.

Legislative Doctor of the Day

I had the pleasure of introducing Dr. John Gaudet to the Senate last week. Dr Gaudet, a Hattiesburg pediatrician and professor at William Carey College, served as the Legislative Doctor of the Day on March 14, 2022. Joining Dr. Gaudet was Omotara Ogundeyi, a 2nd year medical student at William Carey and Joshua Dale, (right), a 1st year student at the school. Both are Hattiesburg residents. Dr. Gaudet is also a member of the Mississippi State Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Thank you to Omotara, Joshua, and Dr. Gaudet for your service to Mississippi!

Let me know

Have anything you’d like to see come out of the final weeks of the Legislature? Have questions about the final process? I’d love to hear your thoughts – email me at

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