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Legislative Update: Week Five

Meeting new Southern Miss baseball coach

I had the pleasure of meeting with the new head baseball coach for Southern Miss last week! Christian Ostrander was officially named head coach of the team last summer, and is coming into the program at a really exciting time. Southern Miss baseball has seen a lot of success the past few years, and I'm excited to see the Golden Eagles continue to compete at a high level.

Senator Chris Johnson pictured with Southern Miss' new baseball coach, Christian Ostrander, and other state leaders


Upcoming committee deadlines

With this session being the first of a new term, deadlines are pushed back farther than usual, but there are several deadlines coming up. February 14 is the last day to request new legislation to be drafted. Just a few days after that, February 19, is the last day to introduce legislation. As bills continue to be introduced, Senate committees will be referred more legislation and meet to consider those bills. I'll continue to keep you updated on the legislative process as we go through this year's session.

Going on Supertalk next Tuesday morning

I'll be joining Paul Gallo on Supertalk radio on Tuesday morning at 7:20am to give an update on everything going on in the Legislature, talk about some of the important legislature we are working on, and give insight into the new committee that I chair, Government Structure. If you're on the road or have a chance to listen, you can tune into 97.3 or watch through the website:


Update from the Senate

While it's still early in the session, the Senate has already begun working on big pieces of legislation. Last week, we unanimously passed a bill dealing with prior authorization, which is the process by which insurance companies approve the coverage of medications and procedures in advance of patients receiving care. The bill is now headed to the House, where they can make amendments or pass it as is.

The Senate also passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 509, which recognized U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith as the first woman elected to represent Mississippi in Congress. Senator Hyde-Smith served in the state Senate and as Mississippi's Commissioner of Agriculture before being appointed as a U.S. Senator by then-Governor Phil Bryant.

We will continue to do the bulk of our work in committees while Lt. Governor Hosemann continues to refer bills to various committees. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Government Structure committee I chair to consider legislation referred to us by Gov. Hosemann.


I want to hear from you!

Things are starting to move more quickly in the Legislature with February arriving. I'd love to know your thoughts on legislation pending before the Senate. For general thoughts or questions, you can email my senate email: For anything involving my new committee, you can email I am committed to representing the views of you: the people of District 45. Let me know ways I can best do that!

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