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Weekly Session Update: January 22, 2022

Visit from local students

This week, I was pleased to get the opportunity to visit with Petal School District Ambassadors during their visit to the State Capitol. I was also pleased to host Ann Elise Hester of Hattiesburg during her recent service as a page for the Mississippi State Senate.

Forrest County Livestock Auction

I was excited to purchase a pig at the Forrest County Livestock Auction this week. It was raised and shown by Makinley Maillett

ABC Privatization

One of the bills that I have been working on is Senate Bill 2844. This piece of legislation directs ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) to contract with a third party to construct a new warehouse and take over warehouse and distribution operations. For years, ABC has struggled to keep up with the inventory that runs through the agency, and lawmakers have debated how to alleviate the problem. I believe my proposal allows the state to continue to have oversight on Mississippi’s alcohol operations, while engaging the private sector to increase efficiency and save taxpayer money. I will continue to keep you updated on this issue as it works through the Legislature.

Medical Marijuana

The debate over medical marijuana continued this week. Upon receiving the bill from the Senate, the House chamber made their own amendments to the legislation. I will continue to follow this issue closely, as I have concerns about a medical marijuana program.

Teacher Pay Raise

This week, the Senate passed SB 2444, which raises teacher pay and creates a better pay scale to help retain current teachers and recruit new ones. As a member of the Senate Education Committee, I’m proud to support this legislation and give our teachers the pay raise they deserve.

Let me know

What are issues important to you that you’d like to see the Legislature take up this year? What do you think the state should do with ABC? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Send me an email at

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