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Meet Chris


A graduate of Forrest County Agricultural High School and The University of Southern Mississippi, Chris Johnson currently serves as Republican Senator for Mississippi’s 45th Senate district. Married to Wendi Burton Johnson and father to two children, Chris is also the owner and operator of several small businesses throughout the region.


A lifetime member of the Southern Miss Alumni Association, President of the FCAHS Foundation and former member of the Republican Executive Committee for Forrest County, Chris's experience as a business owner has helped him identify ways to attract more businesses, better jobs and economic growth to our community. A fiscal conservative committed to public education, Chris is a Mississippi Lifetime Sportsman and a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights as a member of the NRA.

"Mississippi is filled with opportunity for education, jobs, innovation, and an improved standard of living. My experience as a business owner in Mississippi and other states has helped me identify ways to attract businesses and encourage entrepreneurship, both of which will lead to more jobs and better lives for Mississippians." 

Experienced Manager. Business Owner. Conservative Leader.

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