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2023 Legislative Session: Week 3

Legislative Work

During the third week of the session, we continued our work on drafting bills to meet the January 16 midnight deadline for introduction of general bills and constitutional amendments. The next major legislative deadline is January 31 for committees to report these bills out and onto the Senate calendar. As of last Friday, some 850 bills, resolutions, and nominations had been filed, and more are expected.

Honoring Pine Belt Leaders

I was honored to co-sponsor two Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) passed by lawmakers last week. These include SCR 505, which commends the public service of Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King, who currently serves as chair of the Mississippi Transportation Commission and is not seeking re-election after his term expires. He previously served in the Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives. I also co-sponsored SCR 511, which mourns the loss and commends the long-time public service of Forrest County Tax Collector, former Supervisor, former Senator, and my friend, Billy Hudson.

ADP Legislative Forum

I was delighted to participate in the annual Area Development Partnership (ADP) Legislative Forum alongside my Senate and House colleagues from Forrest, Lamar, and Perry Counties. This forum is held annually each January and March and presents an opportunity for legislators to engage directly with constituents on issues such as economic and workforce development, infrastructure, and other issues.

Senate Page

Allen “Reid” Overstreet of Richton recently joined me at the Capitol by serving as a page in the Mississippi Senate. Allen attends Richton High School and says paging for the Senate has been “an unforgettable experience.” Thank you for your great work last week, Allen!

In the news

Thank you for local television station WDAM for covering my conversations with the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office about legislation that impacts law enforcement, including mental health and facilities. Input from officials on the frontlines of dealing with these issues is critical as lawmakers develop programs and other resources to support local communities.

Feedback and/or questions

If you’d like to reach out to me directly with any questions or comments, please contact me at

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