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2023 Legislative Session: Week 6

Another Big Deadline

Last week, we met another major deadline for “original floor action” on general bills originating in the Senate. This means that each piece of legislation reported out from committees had to be presented before the Senate body for members to approve or reject. As a result, I spent much time last week hearing from my Senate colleagues as they advocated for their individual bills. Those approved by February 9 deadline were transmitted to the House of Representatives, where the committee process begins anew.

Bills I’ve Sponsored

I’m pleased that several general bills I introduced were approved by the Senate and are now under consideration by the House of Representatives. These include:

  • SB 2011: This bill exempts some motor vehicle transfers from sales tax obligations, reducing burdens on taxpayers;

  • SB 2018: This would remove the sales tax on the wholesale sales of beer, reducing costs to consumers;

  • SB 2077: Raises the audit threshold for contributions to charitable organizations to $750,000, which helps local nonprofit organizations better serve their communities without onerous government restrictions;

  • SB 2215: Revises the definition of “primary capital” for state depositories;

  • SB 2312: Establishes a competitive bidding process for the lease or sale of county-owned real estate;

  • SB 2360: Revises the board membership of agricultural high schools, which will help strengthen the governance of Forrest County Agricultural High School;

  • SB 2376: Clarifies that the disclosure of certain records in criminal matters do not require youth court approval; and

  • SB 2599: Allows state-funded schools to participate in extracurricular activities with non-state funded schools, which helps provide homeschool students with access to these activities.

PCS Page Emma Rose Gillentine

Here I am pictured with Lt. Governor Hosemann and Emma Rose Gillentine, who paged for me last week. She did a wonderful job, and I appreciate all the work she did during her time here. Emma Rose – you have a bright future ahead of you, and I can’t wait to see all you will accomplish!

Clear Creek Christian School Visit

We were joined last week by students from Clear Creek Christian School in Brooklyn. It’s great having students come by the Capitol to learn more about how state government works.

Blast from the Past

While visiting with the folks from Clear Creek Christian School, I ran into my high school classmate, Jessie Thompson Lee! It was great catching up with Jessie.

Senate Floor Snaps

Snapped a good photo with my friend and desk mate, Senator David Jordan. Senator Jordan knows his way around these halls as well as anyone – he’s represented the Delta in the Senate for over 30 years! We may not agree on every issue, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about legislative history from this man, and I look forward to continuing to work with him to improve Mississippi.

Let Me Hear from You

Have thoughts or concerns about the legislative session? Shoot me an email at

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