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May Update

Meeting with Community Leaders

I enjoyed visiting with Coach L.D. Ready (second from right) from Richton. Also joining us was Representative Shane Barnett (left) and Perry County Supervisor Tim Wise (right). It’s always great to see my colleagues and constituents!

End of Session

It’s been a few weeks now since the end of the 2022 Legislative Session. Looking back, I’m proud of all we accomplished. As with any year, we didn’t get to everything we wanted, but soon we will begin holding hearings and meeting with stakeholders to start working toward next year’s session.

Bill Signings

Following the end of the session, the Governor has a limited set of days to sign, veto, or let bills pass into law. Over the past several weeks, the Governor has done multiple bill signings. Some of the highlighted legislation includes the largest tax cut in state history; our bill giving teachers a historic raise and transforming the way we fund education; record investment in Mississippi’s infrastructure, including water, sewer, roads and bridges; a bill that strengthens penalties for drug dealers who knowingly sell individuals fentanyl; and several others that deal with economic and workforce development, improving the foster care system and new investments in Mississippi’s beautiful natural resources.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

Do you have any thoughts on this past year’s legislative session? Are there things you wished had been addressed but weren’t? Let me know – shoot me an email at

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