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September Legislative Update

Patriot’s Day Remembrance

This month, we celebrated Patriots Day in remembrance of the lives lost on September 11, 2001. In the days and weeks and months following that horrible attack on our home soil, we collectively promised to Never Forget. We vowed as a nation to never forget the thousands of men and women who lost their lives to the evil acts of terror that changed America forever. We promised to never forget those who bravely served in our armed forces to defeat the evil organizations that planned the attacks.

I am proud that even after two decades, America has kept that promise. 9/11 was one of the darkest days in America’s history. Yet in its aftermath, we saw a country come together and set aside differences to help those in need and rebuild our wounded nation. Because in times of tragedy and hardship, that is what we as Americans and Mississippians do.

I am proud to be an American, I am proud to be a Mississippian, and I am proud and thankful to be your state Senator.

Income Tax Hearing

Late last month, the Mississippi Legislature held hearings on the merits of eliminating Mississippi’s income tax. Last year, the House of Representatives introduced legislation that would do so, but would also raise several other taxes, including raising the general sales tax.

As a conservative, I am in favor of eliminating the income tax, but only in a way that is truly beneficial to Mississippians. The Senate shared that sentiment and, concerned with some of the language in the bill, decided it would be better for Mississippi and her citizens if the Legislature studied the potential effects of the bill as well as look at alternative solutions.

We heard from experts of many different backgrounds and perspectives. Some testified in favor of the legislation, others opposed to it, and many had suggestions for how to make the bill better for Mississippians. The one constant from all who spoke was a desire to create the fairest system possible that benefits the most Mississippians.

As your Senator, it is my goal to push for legislation that puts the most money in your pockets without sacrificing the core functions of government that allow us to live safe, free, and prosperous lives.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the income tax in Mississippi? Should we eliminate it? And if so, how do you think we should do it? I welcome your thoughts at

Mississippi Poultry Association Annual Conference

I was pleased to be asked to speak to the Mississippi Poultry Association’s annual conference in Destin, FL this month. It was great to gather with poultry producers from all across the Magnolia State and discuss issues important to their industry. As a legislator, I have worked to protect the interests of poultry producers by authoring and passing House Bill 1122, which prohibits local governments from adding to state regulations for items such as setbacks for chicken houses. I have supported cutting taxes on the agricultural community through voting for elimination of the corporate franchise tax and reduced individual income and self-employment taxes. Additionally, I have been proud to support numerous appropriations and bond bills which fund poultry research and development at our state's university agricultural units.

Pictured: Members of the MS Poultry Association and Sen. Chris Johnson


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