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Weekly Session Update: February 20, 2022

Sen. Chris Johnson, far left, participates in a funding announcement for the City of Hattiesburg.

Bond Bills

As Vice-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, one of my top priorities is crafting responsible bond legislation that best serves Mississippians. Most years, the Legislature passes bills directing the state to issue bonds in order to finance large projects like infrastructure. As a conservative lawmaker, it is my goal to ensure Mississippi and the Legislature stays within our means when crafting bond bills so that future generations do not suffer large debt burdens. Mississippi is in great fiscal shape due to responsible spending and not taking on unreasonable amounts of debt to fund projects.

House Bill Committee Assignments

After last week’s deadline, House bills that passed out of their chamber were transmitted to our side of the Capitol. We have about two weeks to finalize all work in Senate committees on House general bills. At the same time, all the bills we passed through the Senate over the past several weeks will begin moving through House committees. This process is lengthy and can sometimes be confusing, but it ensures that both chambers have time to deliberate each piece of legislation and make necessary amendments before they become law.


Along with bonds, the Senate began taking up appropriations bills this week. Allocating funds to priorities is one of the most important jobs of the Legislature. Every year we draft budgets for dozens of state entities to allow them to properly serve the people of Mississippi. Not only must the Legislature craft the budget for Mississippi’s 2023 Fiscal Year, but we also must begin working to appropriate the $1.8 Billion Mississippi received from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan. I believe that when spending Mississippians’ tax dollars, we have a responsibility to put those funds to their best possible use so that our government can adequately serve the people of our state without irresponsibly expanding government.

Let me know

Are there any bills coming from the House that you have thoughts on? Have questions about the appropriations or bond process? Let me know at!

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